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General Information

Welcome to all "Bridge CIHRStrategic Training Fellows."

Bridge Program academic requirements are listed in OVERVIEW > Program Intro and Requirements.

"Active" Bridge Fellows

You are part of a wonderful group of energetic and interesting people who are "active" Bridge fellows. This includes all Bridge post-docs, practitioners, visiting scholars, and graduate students. Active Bridge Fellows will be included on the fellows list serve and the fellows webpage.

Bridge graduate students remain "active" Bridge fellows until they complete their graduate degree, unless they withdraw from the program. Thus the Bridge Program extends beyond the period of funding to include their internship placements and their interdisciplinary thesis.

Fellows who have completed the program requirements or have withdrawn will be taken off the fellows list serve, and biographical information about them will be moved to the Alumni webpage.

Course Registration and Participation

Incoming first year masters students should register for BRDG 500 and BRDG 501.

Incoming first year doctoral students should register for BRDG 600 and BRDG 601.

Incoming post-doctoral fellows and practitioners also take the Bridge courses.

Second year doctoral students: Make sure you are registered for BRDG 600 and BRDG 601. You should have received "course-in-progess" instead of a grade for both courses at the end of the spring term of your first year, therefore you should already be registered.
A doctoral student who decides not to take the second year of Bridge courses withdraws from the Bridge Program. In the exceptional circumstance where a PhD student is completing an internship placement during their second academic year, s/he will have the option of delaying the Bridge courses to the third year. The student's thesis supervisor must indicate agreement with this decision in writing to the Bridge office.

All Bridge fellows are welcome to attend Bridge courses after the required initial years.

Useful Info for Graduate Students

Many students find the processes involved in graduate studies confusing. A wonderful resource is the Faculty of Graduate Studies Handbook of Graduate Supervision. It details much useful information, such as:

  • Who sits on the thesis committee
  • How and when to assemble the committee
  • When to take the comprehensive exam
  • What is involved in the thesis

Students may also find it helpful to refer to the Graduate Game Plan and the Graduate Guides which has information on such topics as:

  • preparing for and surviving various parts of the graduate program
  • challenges – personal issues, limited time, funding problems, conflict resolution
  • career assessment, academic success, and management skills development

Useful Info for Post-doctoral Fellows

The Office of the Vice-President of Research at UBC has set up a Postdoctoral Fellows Program to provide information for the postdoctoral community at the university.

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The Bridge Program
This website is inactive and will no longer be updated as of February 29, 2016.

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