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Stipend & Expense Claims

Fellowship Payment

For information about fellowship stipends, top up awards and research expense funds please check Bridge Program Funding. In order to be paid by UBC Payroll, the Bridge Program Manager will appoint students as Graduate Research Associates. The following information is required to complete it:

  • Social Insurance Number - SIN
    (If you are an international student, you will need to apply for a SIN and provide a copy of the application form before Finance can process your Payroll form)
  • Current and Permanent Mailing Address
  • Date of Birth

Direct Bank Deposit

If you would like to get paid directly into your bank account, rather than pick-up your cheques bi-weekly from the Finance office, you will need to complete a "Payroll Direct Deposit" form. If you complete this form and give it to the Bridge Program Coordinator, we will submit it with your Student Appointment Form to Finance.

Tuition Payment

Bridge Fellows (except those receiving an International Partial Tuition Scholarship) can have their tuition paid from payroll. Students must complete an "Application for Alternate Payment Methods / Tuition Fee Deferment" form (found here: Tuition Fee Payroll Deduction). If you are interested, please sign and complete the form.

Tuition payment deadline: Please submit Payroll Deduction form to the Bridge Office no later than August 10.

Travel & Other Expenses

Research/travel expense claims must be submitted no later than May 31, 2016.  Expense claims submitted after this date will not be processed.

For all expense related claims please complete the Simplified Expense Form sign and submit it to the Bridge Office. Please follow the instructions included on the form to avoid delays in payment. If you need additional space to provide expense details, feel free to use the Travel Detail form or use your own format.  Original invoices/receipts must be included with each claim. Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing. If you would like your original receipt returned to you, indicate it very clearly on each receipt that you need returned. For all UBC Bookstore purchases, you can have funds directly paid from your Bridge expense funds. Provide the Program Manager with a description of the item to be purchased and the exact purchase price so a Journal Voucher can be prepared for you to bring to the Bookstore to make your purchase.

Documents required for conference, workshop, and travel related expenses:

 - Submit a Travel Requisition i.e. include a new TR number on the claim form
- Attach the conference/workshop agenda
- Include proof of attendance e.g. airline/ bus ticket and your name tag
- Include registration receipt showing proof of payment – a registration confirmation will not do
- If claiming mileage  ($0.49/km), no receipts are required. Please include a google maps indicating the distance travelled.
- If claiming per diem meals (CAD/ USD/ EURO $60.00/day; Breakfast:$14.00; Lunch: $16.00; Dinner: $30.00) – no receipts are required
- If claiming gas expenses or actual meal expenses – please submit original itemized receipts
- Itemized original receipts are needed. A credit card stub showing total paid will not suffice.
- Make sure no alcohol costs are included on your meal receipts.

  For air travel, original ticket with passenger itinerary/receipt is required along with original boarding passes. A passenger itinerary/receipt is required for e-tickets indicating that payment was in fact made. 

  Travel expenses can be claimed only after travel is completed. Travel advances are not provided.

Other Graduate Student Travel Funds

Funding for Outbound Students
Graduate Student Travel Fund

UBC Travel Information - Please read carefully

Please refer to UBC's Travel webpage. UBC's Travel Safety Policy requires that prior to participating in University activities outside of Canada students must register their travel plans with the University through the Go Global Office and obtain any authorizations to travel that are required in the Procedures to this Policy. At the UBC Policy website, you will find the Financial Services Travel Policy #83 which governs reimbursement for authorized travel-related expenses. UBC's Travel Policy and Procedures appends the Policy Statement and indicates any required forms, the latest compensation rates, and administrative procedures.

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