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Bridge in the News
  • Article in 24hrs Vancouver Edition about the rat outbreak in Vancouver with thoughts from Dr. Chelsea Himsworth.
  • CBC news article features Dr. Chelsea Himsworth's thoughts on why the rat population persists in Vancouver's winters.
  • Emily Rugel is featured in a Healthy UBC newsletter article on thriving faculty.
  • NCCEH Evidence Review on exposure to traffic-related air polution and perinatal health by Jason Curran.
  • The Verge includes Kaylee Byer's opinion in this article about fleas present in the rat population in New York City. 
  • Georgia Straight mentions Dr. Chelsea Himsworth and Kaylee Byer's work on an article about the health concerns over Vancouver's rat infestation.
  • NCCEH Evidence Review on the guidelines for shock chlorination in private wells by Angela Eykelbosh.
  • Vancouver Coastal Health website features Angela Eykelbosh's literature review on health impacts from marine and terrestrial oil spills.
  • NCCEH Evidence Review on the use of forest residues as a supply of energy by Olga Petrov. 
  • CBC news broadcast discusses Dr. Chelsea Himsworth's work with the Vancouver Rat Project.
  • NCCEH Evidence Review on reducing health inequities through community planning by Rebecca Haber.
  • NCCEH Evidence Review on surveillance approaches for emerging zoonotic infectious diseases by Dave Roth.
  • Vancouver Sun article and video featuring the Vancouver Rat Project lead by Chelsea Himsworth
  • A primer on Health Equity Impact Assessment by Rebecca Haber
  • Article in Reuters Health on Air pollution tied to babies' ear infection risk, by Elaina MacIntyre.
  • NCCEH Evidence Review on the effect animal manure has on air quality and community health by Siduo Zhang.
  • Article in UBC Reports featuring Conor Reynolds' doctoral research on auto-rickshaw emissions, which he conducted in Delhi.
  • NCCEH Evidence Review  on the comprehensive review of the health benefits and risks of active transportation by Conor Reynolds, Meghan Winters, Francis Ries and Brian Gouge
  • Article in the Georgia Straight featuring Stefan Storey on UBC's sustainable building sciences program
  • NCCEH Evidence Review on naturally ventilated LEED Buildings by Stefan Storey
  • Vancouver Courier article featuring Eric Mazzi's concerns about the Vancouver School Board's reluctance to consider environmental issues in their planning decisions
  • Article featured on Environmental Science & Technology’s public news site on Conor Reynolds' research on the climate benefits of switching to compressed natural gas for transportation in India
  • NCCEH Evidence Review on a child's exposure to traffic-related polution by Francis Ries, Perry Hystad, and Brian Gouge.
  • NCCEH Evidence Review on the effects of perfluorinated chemicals on human health by Glenys Webster
  • The Vancouver Sun op-ed articles about urban air pollution, by Nina Clarke and Elaina MacIntyre, and about green vehicles, by Eric Mazzi and Conor Reynolds
  • NCCEH Evidence Review on tanning and skin cancer by Calvin Ge.
  • Article by Monica N. Danon-Schaffer for the Recycling Council of British Columbia's (RCBC) newsletter
  • Article in Environmental Science and Technology on Glenys Webster's research on Chemicals, Health and Pregnancy
  • Physorg.com editorial quoting Conor Reynolds on his study on "How much fuel do you save with a Hybrid SUV?"
  • Eric Mazzi's article on Oversimplifying Climate-Change Policies featured in Environmental Science and Technologies' Top Papers
  • Article about Conor Reynolds' paper on Hybrid-electric vehicles in Environmental Research Letters
  • Article in Good Times Magazine on Catherine Trask's Back Study
  • Interview of Negar Elmieh on YouTube "It's the End of the World, Episode 6"
  • Editorial letter from Conor Reynolds and Eric Mazzi to Science Magazine
  • Article in the Alaskan Highway News on Shira Goldenberg's study on STIs in northern BC communities
  • UBC Reports article featuring Shira Goldenberg's study on STIs in northern BC communities
  • UBC reports article featuring Negar Elmieh's West Nile Virus risk perception study
  • Vancouver Province article featuring Glenys Webster's PBDE study
  • Winnipeg Free Press article featuring Glenys Webster's PBDE study
  • UBC Reports article featuring Glenys Webster's PBDE study
  • CIHR-funded Mining Proposal in UBC Reports
  • Innovation article about Engineering & Sustainability by Eric Mazzi & Conor Reynolds
  • LEAP article featuring Neil Bellack & Negar Elmieh
  • Science Next Wave article about the Bridge Program by Elizabeth Matovinovic

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