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Research Overview

Research by Bridge Fellows and Mentors

Some research projects of our current Bridge fellows have their own websites; these are accessible via the links on the RESEARCH menu of this website.

Descriptions of the research being undertaken by current Bridge fellows and faculty mentors are also available on their individual webpages:

Faculty mentors may have opportunities for Bridge Fellows to become involved in their research (e.g., potential thesis topics, research assistantships, or meetings of research teams). To find out about such opportunites, see the Student Opportunities page or contact individual faculty mentors whose research interests you.

Bridge Program Research Development

In a course central to the Program, BRDG 501/601 Research Grant Development, Bridge Fellows develop, write and submit operating grant proposals to national, international, or regional granting agencies. They receive guidance from faculty mentors who have recommended the area of research or have an interest in it.

The following tables outline the Bridge proposals currently funded and under development.

Funded Projects Fellows and Mentors Involved Funding Agency

Investigating Associations between Built Environment Characteristics, Health Care Utilization Patterns,and Costs in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland

Bridge Fellows: T. Aung, A. Lavalle, O. Petrov, J. Yip

Faculty Mentor:  L. Frank


Funded 2013

Knowledge and risk perception of emerging infectious diseases in British Columbia

Bridge Fellow Co-authors: N. Bellack, J. Brimacombe, A. Lam, C. Trask
Faculty Mentors: K. Bartlett, T. Satterfield


Funded 2012

Unearthing and Communicating Health Implications and Possible Interventions for Aboriginal Communities Experiencing Mine Development

Bridge Fellows: B. Brisbois, K. Dubrawski, M. Elliot, B. Gamontle

Faculty Mentor: B. Bradshaw, University of Guelph


Funded April 2011

Training Program in the Science of Livable Buildings

Bridge Fellows: Seth Gilchrist, Stefan Storey

Faculty mentors: M. Hodgson, S. Rogak


Funded June 2011

The Impact of Green Wall Biofiltration Systems on Indoor Air Quality

Bridge Fellows: G. Chew, A. Miskelly, C. Reynolds

Faculty Mentors: S. Rogak, K. Bartlett



Funded 2010

Establishing an innovative Canadian-Ecuadorian collaboration for reducing pesticide exposure.)

Bridge Fellows: B. Brisbois, S. Elder, D. Roth

Faculty Mentors: J. Spiegel, A. Yassi



Funded 2009

Injury Prevention in Dangerous Industries: Does Certification have an Impact on Tree-faller Injuries?

Bridge Fellows: A. Harris, N. Clark, F. Reis, C.S. Yoon
Faculty Mentor: M. Koehoorn

Funded May 2009

Cycling safety and injury prevention: The built environment for cycling

Bridge Fellows: A. Harris, C. Reynolds

Faculty Mentors: K. Teschke, P. Cripton, K. Mulpuri, S. Babul

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada & CIHR
Funded September 2007

Assessing exposures to compost workers from airborne hazards

Bridge Fellows: E. Tilley, G. Webster, M. Danon

Professional Mentor: J. Bryden
Faculty Mentors:
J. Atwater, K. Bartlett, S. Baldwin, K. Teschke

Funded July 2006

Improving social well-being at Andean mines

Bridge Fellows: C. Odell
Faculty Mentors: M. Veiga, M. Scoble, T. Satterfield, T. McDaniels, P. Le Billon

Funded Spring 2006

Neurological outcomes in children exposed to PBDEs in utero

Bridge Fellow: G. Webster

Faculty Mentors: S. Venners, P. Janssen, A. Mattman, K. Teschke

BC Medical Services Foundation & Health Canada
Funded Winter 2005

Are hearing conservation programs effective in reducing noise-induced hearing loss?

Bridge Fellows: E. MacIntyre, C. Trask, M. Winters

Faculty Mentors: H. Davies, M. Hodgson, J. Shoveller, T. Knight


Funded November 2005

Mining and community health: The impact of mining activities on the health of residents of British Columbia mining communities

Bridge Fellow Co-authors: J. Ardiel, S. Costa, N. Elmieh, E. Mazzi

Faculty Mentors: M. Koehoorn, M. Scoble, A. Ostry, N. Gibson


Funded - June 2005 & Jan. 2008

Quality of life in mining camps

Bridge Fellow: S. Costa

Faculty Mentors: M. Scoble, M. Veiga. ML McAllister, K. Teschke, H. Dowlatabadi, H. Harder


Funded April 2006

Impacts of artisanal mining on the relative wellbeing of men and women in a Ugandan community

Bridge Fellow Author and Investigator: J. Hinton

Faculty Mentors: M. Scoble, M. Veiga


Funded April 2005

Recycling of lead-acid batteries in British Columbia

Bridge Fellows: C. da Silva

Faculty Mentors: S. Dunbar, T. McDaniels, M. Veiga

BC Ministry of the Environment
Funded 2005

Impact of water quality risk factors on gastrointestinal illness in a rural-urban community

Bridge Fellow Co-authors: C. da Silva, AJ Gunson, J. Hinton, E. Matovinovic, K. McCaig,J. Rowse, S. Struck

Faculty Mentors: J. Atwater, J. Isaac-Renton, Y. McNab, H. Schreier, K. Teschke

Funded February 2004


Other Proposals Developed Fellows and Mentors Involved

Viral meningitis outbreak in Russia; links to river water drainage from Northern China?

Bridge Fellows: K. Byers, R. Lis, E. Socias


Faculty Mentor: D. Patrick

Sewage Epidemiology: Understanding Community Drug Use

Bridge Fellows: A. Greer, P. Maji, L. Steiner

Faculty Mentor: J. Buxton

Understanding Toxicity of DE as a Function of Aging using a Highly Oxidizing Photochemical Reactor

Bridge Fellows: J, Cooper, L. Glaser, A. Jones, and M. Xu


Faculty Mentor: C. Carlsten

Reduction of ultrafine particles from diesel exhaust to attenuate toxicity in human lungs

Bridge Fellows: A, Eykelbosh, C. Krentz, O. Petrov, S. Zhang, S. Wilson

Faculty Mentors: C. Carlsten, S. Rogak

Enhancing Cost Benefit Analysis for Health Implications of Household Energy Interventions

Bridge Fellows: R. Haber, P. Hystad, P. Teehan 

Faculty Mentors: H. Zerriffi, H. Dowlatabadi

Can increasing natural outdoor free-play space and introducing loose play objects improve physical activity and behavioural measures in 6-7 year old children? 

Bridge Fellows: K. Byers, M. Luba, K. Sharp, L. Steiner

Faculty Mentor: G. Webster

Safe workers, healthy patients: Investigating the role of OHS prevention and management in health care.  

Bridge Fellows: A. Jones, S. Lake, A. Stockwell 

Faculty Mentor: C. McLeod

Assessing the health impacts of indoor air quality at the population scale

Bridge Fellows: A. Hall, E. Rugel, J. Yip

Faculty Mentor: S. Henderson

Is it healthy being green? Urban green space and health

Bridge Fellows: T. Aung, J. Curran, A. Hall, R. Knight, E. Rugel, S. Partanen  

Faculty Mentor: M. Brauer

Epidemiological Effect of Membrane Filtration of Domestic Drinking Water Bridge Fellows:J. Curran, C. Himsworth, R. Knight

Faculty Mentors:J. Atwater, K. Bartlett, P. Berube

Could compost be hazardous? Investigating the presence of antibiotics in composted organic waste of human and animal origin Bridge Fellows: O. Freeman, C. Himsworth, M. Morales, B. Gamontle, C. Song

Faculty Mentors: J. Atwater, K Bartlett

UBC Living Laboratory: Integrated Water and Energy Project

Bridge Fellows: Kim Dae-Seon, A. Eykelbosh, C. Krentz, D. Seto, P. Teehan

Faculty Mentor: G. Oberg

Optimal Noise-Control Design of Ventilators for "Green Buildings" 

Bridge Fellows: C. Ge, S. Storey, M. Courtice, F. Ries

Faculty Mentor: M. Hodgson

Disease Vector Interaction and Health Impacts of Energy Poverty

Bridge Fellows: C. Chambers, P. Hystad, D. Roth

Faculty Mentor: H. Zerriffi

PFC Aquatic Transport and Fate

Bridge Fellows: E. Fuertes, S. Gilchrist, L. Vrbova, Y. Yu

Faculty Mentors: Loretta Li, J. Grace

Preventing contamination of Fraser Valley produce

Bridge Fellows: N. Bellack, C. Odell, K. Bush
Faculty Mentors: D. Patrick, R. Copes, L. Copeland, L. MacDougall. P. Bérubé

Risk aversion behaviours associated with boil water advisories

Bridge Fellows: N. Elmieh
Faculty Mentors: H. Dowlatabadi, R. Copes, K. Teschke

Climate policy and unintended consequences on air pollution and human health

Bridge Fellows: E. Mazzi
Faculty Mentors: H. Dowlatabadi

Air quality and social justice in Mumbai

Bridge Fellows: E. MacIntyre, J. Marshall, S. Goldenberg, J. Vanderswaag.
Faculty Mentors: M. Brauer, M. Kandlikar

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